Partners | Police Academies and Training Symposium


The Police Academies and Training Symposium was created in collaboration with The Global Consortium for Law Enforcement Training Executives (GCLETE) and The Rutgers Center on Policing (COP). Thank you GCLETE and COP for the tireless hours spent creating a research-backed agenda that covers the hottest topics for police training.

The Global Consortium of Law Enforcement Training Executives (GCLETE) is a 501(c)3 organization established exclusively to provide police academy training directors, commandants, and superintendents with exceptional value through the exchange of innovative curriculum and methods or programs that enhance the educational, training, and certification processes of the law enforcement professional. GCLETE provides a coordination hub for the centralization of best practices, information sharing, and services provided to member agencies and academic institutions and serves as the coordinating body for chief executive officers of training academies and institutions to allow the transfer of industry-recognized best practices from one agency to another.

The Miller Center on Policing and Community Resilience engages in education and public service focused on protecting vulnerable populations to enhance their safety and standing in society by improving their relationships with law enforcement, with other government agencies, and with other vulnerable communities. The Eagleton affiliated Center identifies and disseminates best practices, offers training workshops, consults on security and civil liberties, and undertakes research. The Center’s policing initiatives integrate research and evidence-based best practices into police operations, violence reduction, problem-solving, community policing, education, training, and the development of criminal justice policy and practice. These efforts and findings directly help public safety professionals/agencies and community organizations more effectively protect and serve their communities.